intonations simulacra

There stand the 2-bit cons
beneath a sign glowing red
where shadows flow likethe night has bled

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Don't Let the Sun Catch Cryin' (Ray Charles cover)


All of My Love

Led Zeppelin cover

Brown Eyed Girl (funky minor version)

We used to sing (but not like that)

Help Me Make it Through the Night

Recorded in the summer of 2012

Come and Go Blues

An Acoustic cover of the Greg Allman classic recorded in summer 2012

All you see is a mountain, there's fire under skin
burnin' & churnin', exploding from within
Flames are leaping higher, feel a rumble underground
listen to that instinct boy, go on now
heed the sound

Ruminations Apparati

Trees dance with the shadows
night creatures lust and sing
the hounds and winds they howl
to what will you cling.
In the dying of the light
Hold on tight
They're gonna reach down and grab you by your soul
Summon all your love from down below
gonna make it rise It's gonna

grubstakers cohorts

Been spinning tales of confusion deceive and deny
A tangled web of illusions help you hypnotize
Nothing but falsifications and fiction as facts
Your friends keep spreading that nonsense oh the flies that shit attracts

Convey Perceptions

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